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Our Mission Statement
By God’s grace, to grow and share our faith,
welcoming all and striving to live in the spirit and love of Christ

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Weekly Events

in Christ

Border Servant Corps

As Christ Calls Us, Peace Lutheran Church will embrace His mission, becoming a center of Christian hospitality for all.

As Christ Loves Us, we will care for and nurture one another, encouraging and rejoicing in each person's unique gifts.

As Christ Forgives Us, we will accept each other in our brokenness, offering support and healing through all stages of our earthly journey.

As Christ Teaches Us, we will share our understanding of God's word in our community, proclaiming the gifts of grace.

As Christ Commands Us, we will open ourselves to our neighbors with mutual caring and respect, celebrating together the Good News.

Video about Peace Lutheran Church

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Regular Worship Service: 9:00 AM
Sunday Morning Learning for All Ages: 10:30 AM

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