Community Engagement

Community puzzle

Peace Lutheran connects people with resources to address the human needs in the broader Las Cruces community.  We work hard to build trusting relationships that show our commitment to be good partners.  Faith communities and non-profit agencies have common goals of helping to transform the lives of others.  Our congregation shares financial resources, with some of the agencies below.  We also encourage congregation members to volunteer their time with these organizations.

Hunger and Poverty Partners

In an effort to stay involved in our community Peace Lutheran Church and individual members financially support some of the following organizations that are working to address hunger and poverty in our community.

Educational Partners

Peace Lutheran believes that high quality education is important for every child.  We support the work of public schools as they strive to educate and nurture students.  We encourage the collaboration of administrators, teachers, staff, parents, social service agencies, local businesses, and the faith community to help make a difference in addressing childhood well-being.

LGBTQ Partners

Peace Lutheran is a Reconciling in Christ congregation and extends a specific welcome to people who identify as LGBTQ.  We support and partner with agencies that provide safe spaces for the LGBTQ community.  We connect with agencies who are working to bring equal protection under the law for all LGBTQ persons.

Health Partners

Peace Lutheran supports various health related programs in the community.  We believe that God cares about the whole health of each person.  One way that we support some these organizations is by offering space for meetings.

Other Community Partners

Here is a list of other community partners with whom we have an ongoing relationship.

Ecumenical and InterFaith Engagement

Peace Lutheran is a Christian community that seeks a more visible unity with other Christians.  In addition to ecumenical Christian partnerships, our congregation has developed relationships with the Jewish community, Islamic community, Baha’i community, Zen Buddhist communities, and those of good will with no stated faith traditions.  Here is a list of Ecumenical and InterFaith partners with whom Peace Lutheran has developed meaningful relationships.

ELCA Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Relationships

The ELCA has a rich history of participation in Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Relationships.  Through the ELCA, this congregation participates in a variety of Inter-Lutheran Dialogues, Bilateral Dialogues, Full Communion Relationships, and Conciliar Bodies that seek to deepen our understanding of Christian unity.  The ELCA also engages in respectful inter-religious relationships.  The foundation prepared by the churchwide expression of our congregation shapes how we engage in ecumenical and interfaith efforts in Las Cruces.