Peace Lutheran Church uses the image of the Tree of Life as a way to organize our ministry areas.  The Tree of Life has five Mission Teams who are responsible for helping this congregation live out our Mission in Christ.

  • Peace StructureOur life together is centered in Communal Worship.  We gather around the Word of God read and proclaimed.  Our lives are nourished by the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.  We believe God calls us to live together in this family of faith.
  • We foster Healthy Connections with others.  We show care, concern, and compassion to the sick and homebound.  We welcome visitors and guests.  We tend the relationships God has given us.  We care for the well-being and health of those people God places in our midst.
  • We are rooted in Faith Formation at every stage of life (children, youth, adults, and intergenerational).  We explore the scriptures, search Christian history, discover our gifts, reflect on our own journey and experiences of God, and we develop spiritual practices.
  • We are called to live out our lives in the world through our Public Witness.  We do this through our benevolence, service opportunities, Border Servant Corps, and reaching out to our neighbors.
  • We are called to be caretakers of this community.  We need an Expanding Vision to help us hear God’s calling to the mission of Christ and to be good stewards of the assets and resources entrusted to Peace Lutheran Church.