Deacon Laura Quoted in Living Lutheran

“Living Lutheran” is doing a series on Faith Formation in 2018.  The first article that is entitled, “Form a Faithful Foundation,” included interviews with several people in Faith Formation leadership roles across the ELCA, including Deacon Laura Carson.




Here is a piece of the article, quoting Deacon Laura:

…“I often think about what is different between a church organization and a nonprofit,” said Laura Carson, deacon and faith formation coordinator at Peace Lutheran Church, Las Cruces, N.M. She finds that it is precisely faith that makes all the difference in what it means to be a leader in the church.

“The church makes decisions based upon faith, not just the bottom line,” she said. The ability to trust that “it’s in God’s hands,” Carson continued, stems from “a deeper faith that is the foundation under everything we do.”

This faithful foundation can help leadership blossom…


For more information about Faith Formation at Peace or in the broader church, contact Deacon Laura Carson.