Help Us Care for Our Home

Caring for Our Home + Week of October 22nd

You wouldn’t believe all the activities that take place in our building every day of the week. People coming and going, meeting and working, studying and sharing. The building truly is our home, our church home, as well as a gathering place for others in our community.

Over the years, routine maintenance projects and necessary upgrades have been put off, left undone, neglected – primarily because we didn’t have the funds available. To make sure necessary upgrades and maintenance are done in a timely fashion, part of our Fearless Generosity 2018 Stewardship Appeal focuses on facility improvements.

Our home is more than a property or building.  A church home is people working together doing ministry, moving out across the community and the world with the Gospel. What makes the building a home is the engagement people have with each other. We need to keep the building maintained to provide the home. There are several facility maintenance special projects that we are planning to do in the year ahead.

We have an opportunity to upgrade to all LED lighting – taking advantage of a substantial, 75% rebate available through next year. The investment in this upgrade will help us be good stewards of our environment, while providing significant utility cost savings in the future.

Another facility improvement earmarked for next year is to add signs to the parking lot entrance along Missouri. It’s easy for visitors to Peace to pass by the church without knowing where to turn.

The most important, and far-reaching facility improvement project is an upgrade to our computer network system/WiFi. What we have is woefully inadequate in terms of bandwidth and security. We need proper information management and a back-up system put in place.

In the coming year increased giving will be needed to keep our facility operations strong, functioning at optimum performance, making an impact in our home and for those we serve in the community.

The Fearless Generosity 2018 Stewardship Appeal has a goal of increasing offerings by $60,000. Some of these offerings will be used for LED lighting, signage and a computer network system/WiFi upgrade.

Be sure to read the letter that will come to you soon. Study the Stewardship brochure that will be enclosed. Pray for a generous response to this appeal.

Consider prayerfully how you will respond to the invitation to increase your offering. The Lord will continue to bless our offerings as they are used to advance God’s Kingdom here at Peace.


Fearless Generosity in 2018

Our gifts and offerings, joined together, accomplish ministry which is blessed by the Lord. Here is a chart which gives a picture of our current giving.  As you read this gift chart and find the level of your current offerings, ask yourself these questions:

“How does my giving level compare with the other ways I use my money?”

“How adequately does my giving reflect my gratitude to God for all the blessings I have received?”

Fearless Generosity – 2018 Stewardship Appeal

Goal: $60,00 Increase in Offerings

  • $12,400 – Community Outreach
  • $13,600 – Safety and Accessibility
  • $34,000 – Facility Upgrades