Pray. Fast. Act.

ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton invites us to Pray, Fast, and Act on the 21st of each month. Watch this video to learn more about this joint statement between the ELCA and Episcopal Church.  Read on past the video to find out the specific prayers and actions for August 21st and plan to join Pastor Jared and Deacon Laura in this spiritual practice.

On August 21st, together:
We PRAY for our nation’s elected leaders and for all who struggle with the impacts and effects of environmental degradation that results in hunger, poverty and death; We FAST to call attention in our own minds and actions the needs and circumstances of those suffering from the impacts of air and water pollution, chemical exposure and natural disasters; and
We ACT by urging our elected representatives to continue funding crucial programs that care for all of creation by addressing environmental degradation and its impact around the world.

We are called #ForSuchATime

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