Intern at Peace

On July 12th, we will welcome a pastoral intern to Peace Lutheran Church (more formally in worship on July 16th).  A part of the candidacy process to become a Minister of Word and Sacrament (pastor) in the ELCA includes a year-long internship and we will be welcoming Vicar Day to Peace Lutheran for the coming year.  To help us welcome our intern, you are invited to help us “stock the pantry” for her new apartment in Las Cruces.  Please bring pantry items to the church by July 12th.

Learn more about Vicar Day:

Day Hefner is a senior seminarian who just finished her final year of classes at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago.  She is studying for the Master of Divinity degree, with an emphasis on Latinx/Hispanic ministry, and is preparing for ordained ministry.

Day is a native of Coleridge, NE, and she graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 2007 with a degree in music.  She served four years in the Dominican Republic as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Education program sector.  Day returned to Nebraska for several years, where she worked teaching English and job skills to refugees and immigrants and served for a year on staff at the Nebraska Synod office.  During her time at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago, Day worked as a hospital chaplain and as a supply preacher, and she was also very active in immigration and deportation related ministry and activism.

Day has a large extended family back in her hometown of Coleridge, NE.  Her father, George, owns a small computer repair business and her mother, Becky, was a second grade teacher before she passed away.  She has a younger brother, Ben, who is a software engineer out in Livermore, CA, and a younger sister, Molly, who lives in Lincoln, NE, answering phones at a suicide hotline by night and studying for a masters in counseling by day.  Day also has an intrepid feline friend, Iago, a chubby little fuzzball with a permanent tuxedo.  Day loves preaching, singing, playing guitar and flute, reading, drawing, and crafting – especially crochet and knitting.  You can read some of her writing and several of her sermons on her blog at  She is a member of Grace Lutheran Church in Lincoln, NE, and an associate member of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Coleridge, NE.