Holy Week Worship

Walk with us during this Holy Week from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection of Christ (April 9-16).  During this week, you can experience Jesus being welcomed into Jerusalem with the waving of palm branches, confess your sins and hear beautiful music on Wednesday, engage your senses through washing of hands/feet, Holy Communion, and stripping of the altar on Maundy Thursday, express sorrow at the Crucifixion on Good Friday, celebrate the first service of Easter at the Vigil, and sing “Alleluia” on Easter Morning!  This week is sure to be filled with emotion and wonderful worship opportunities.

Stations of the Cross on Good Friday – The sanctuary will be open for prayer and reflection on the Stations of the Cross coloring pages from 11am-3pm (worship at 12pm).  Devotional guides will be provided, expect it to take you 30-45 minutes to complete the Stations.